Wim Wouters

Poppins & Wayne

About the speaker

Wim Wouters was the founder and manager of GRIN for 13 years, one of Belgium's leading game studios until a few years ago. At the time GRIN created a wide range of innovative digital products for customers, but also developed its own games, such as a series of educational games for toddlers and the story-driven action game "Woolfe", inspired by the classic fairy tale of Little Red Riding Hood.

During his career, Wim presented himself as a committed community builder. He organized the Belgian edition of the Global Game Jam for 6 years, founded the largest Belgian LinkedIn group for game developers (which grew to +1300 members) and was a co-founder and chairman of Flega (Flemish Games Association).

Under the collective "Poppins & Wayne" he is currently creating interactive experiences on the verge of story and technology, and is working with the port of Antwerp on the vision for the digital port of the future.

From Zero to Hero… and back

The emotional story of how a small game studio working from a trashy squat in Gent, grew to a 10-man-strong team with a promising game (nominated for “Best Console & PC hardcore” game at Game Connection in San Francisco, featured by Microsoft at opening event of E3 and with a successful kickstarter and funding round) eventually died a gruesome death.

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