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Order 1UP Merchandise

You've no doubt seen some people walking around in epic 1UP gear. And you might have been wondering: "Where did they score that sweat hoodie?"

We had a merch shop at the entrance of 1UP, but because we've received so many messages from people telling us they missed the opportunity to grab one, we're now opening orders online!

Fill in the form below and we'll get back to you with details about shipping dates & payment (NOTE: We need to have a minimum amount of total orders in case we need to have more items made)

Merch Kast

List below which items you want + the size and amount:

  • Blue Hoodie - €40
  • Purple Hoodie - €40
  • Blue Shirt - €20
  • Purple Shirt - €20
  • Backpack - €25

Shipping in Benelux: €5*
*Free shipping for orders above €50
*International shipping possible at variable rates. BUT: Due to Coronavirus issues, there is currently no shipping outside the EU.

Please list: the type, the size and the amount (each on a seperate line)

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