This was 1 UP 2020

What About 1UP 2021?

1UP 2020 was amazing. It was a celebration of all the aspects of gaming, from the Conference for professionals and the Belgian Game Awards to the two-day Expo where you got to discover new games, meet up with friends and feast your eyes on the talented cosplay creations. We're so proud that you wanted to share those moments with us.

We heard your concerns over the past couple of months and we did see the question being raised time and time again by our wonderful community: What about 1UP 2021?

Plans For The Future

All the ingredients were there to make the new edition of 1UP even better: the next-gen consoles are on the doorstep and a ton of awesome games are on the horizon, waiting to be played.

But organizing an event in the midst of a global health crisis is something we want to avoid. First and foremost we want to guarantee the safety of our visitors and bringing thousands of gamers together in the same halls brings a lot of health risks.

Normally we'd be working around the clock to bring you a fantastic event in the first quarter of 2021, but with pain in our hearts, we've decided to cancel our plans to organize it in February.

Waiting princess

Is There Still A Chance?

We're not saying the next edition of 1UP will not happen in 2021, it's too early even for us to tell. This news post is more to temper the expectations of it happening in February, which has been our usual timeslot. If we can go through with 1UP2021, it will more likely take place near the end of the year.

The situation pains us all. We understand that this news might hit hard to those looking to meet up with their friends again and we love you for the unwavering support we've received. But we've come to realize that 1UP is more than just a weekend full of gaming, we've become a community that has each other's back. One where we can share successes and hardships and most of all: talk about our shared love for games.

So while we can't tell when the next event will take place exactly, rest assured that we aren't going anywhere!

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