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Belgian Game Spotlight - Realm Architect

Welcome to a new Belgian Game Spotlight! It's been a while since we've last done one of these, and while there are no immediate plans for a new 1UP Conference + Expo event (insert *awwwwww* GIF), we still do carry a warm heart towards the Belgian-made games!

We'll try to pick up the slack from the past year and tell you about one Belgian game per month. If you're interested in hearing about a specific one: give us a shout on Discord or Twitter, or send us a good old-fashioned email!

For this month, we have: Realm Architect, a worldbuilding VTT!

You: "A what now !!?"

Relax, we'll get to that in this article!

Realm Architect is a Virtual TableTop application for tabletop RPGs. You can use it to play boardgames like Dungeons & Dragons or Pathfinder in a virtual environment, bridging the gap in distance between roleplaying friends. They're currently running a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds and improve the tool before releasing it to the public.

Check out their video to learn more:


Realm Architect is a new Virtual Tabletop solution with a modern and intuitive user interface. It completely changes the way you create and play TTRPG campaigns, makes it easier than ever before to set up entire worlds, or Realms as they are called here, and removes the time-consuming stress of preparing everything down to the most minor of details.

Realm Architect is MORE than just another Virtual TableTop:

  • It uses a VTT base as the blueprint, with all your data available in a digital platform
  • but layers the accessibility of (single-player) RPG videogames on top,
  • and adds easy-to-learn worldbuilding tools Game Masters have been craving.
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As life goes on, game masters often find themselves with a lack of time to invest in their running campaigns. Fatigue sets in, and they risk losing their motivation to plan ahead and gather all the resources or inspiration needed for the next session.

The team behind Realm Architect tried a lot of VTT solutions themselves, and understand the struggles all too well. Other tools require too much time to set up or require the GM to almost have an engineer's degree worth of technical know-how.

That's why the mission of Realm Architect is to empower players & creators in the TTRPG space to experience and create the best stories ever told with their immersive and easy-to-use worldbuilding VTT.



  • Drag & Drop: The ease of use in Realm Architect is next to none, with zero coding required. Every essential element is right there for you to drag & drop onto your map.
  • Easy to use codex: Whether you want to upload your own character sheets and monster manuals or use existing ones, it's as easy as the click of a button.
  • No notes required: Our automated systems keep track of player HP, status effects, and even buffs & boons that affect your die-rolls. No need to write anything down, we do all the grunt work for you!
  • Build Realms, not maps: You can navigate from the world map, to a town center, and waltz into the inn with a few clicks, no need to load separate scenes.
  • Plug & Play: Realm Architect will have ready-made content for you to adventure through. Choose from campaigns made by experienced GMs and veteran publishers and find whatever your thrill-seeking heart may require.
  • Make it your own: the UI will be customizable so the look & feel of the interface matches your campaign. Going for a Lovecraftian horror setting or a cyberpunk sci-fi thriller? Everything is possible.

So while it's not a typical videogame, it does use a lot of technology and ideas behind classic videogame design to make the tabletop tool more accessible. And there is a very active TTRPG community out there, hungry for more campaigns to play, tools to use and maps to play them on. The latter you can even have made by another Belgian-made tool: Dungeon Alchemist, which uses a proprietary AI they developed to make detailed maps that can be used in 3D or printed out, or even uploaded into VTTs like Realm Architect.

We've had boardgame tables at 1UP before and our community certainly seems to be a fan, so that's why we wanted to highlight this ambitious project. (and if you're interested, we can cover Dungeon Alchemist in another Belgian Game Spotlight soon!)

Speaking of overlaps, did you know Polygoat from Stitchy in Tookie Trouble is helping with the development on Realm Architect? Our little country sure is good at working together!

Be sure to show your support for the Realm Architect Kickstarter if you're into TTRPGs or if you want to help a Belgian-made product get the success it deserves.

Check out the Realm Architect Kickstarter

100 funded


Want to keep up-to-date on the game and the studio? Here are a few places you can follow them:

We hope you've enjoyed this feature article and if you're a Belgian game developer yourself, don't be afraid to reach out and maybe we'll spotlight your game next month!

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