Meet The Jury

Meet the Belgian Game Awards 2020 Jury

A whopping 47 Games & Studios have submitted for the Belgian Game Awards 2020. Luckily, we have an expert jury to nominate and play them. Today, we'd like to introduce you to the members of the BGA20 jury.

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Christophe De Bont

Christophe 1 UP news

Born and raised in the beautiful city of Ghent, Christophe has been writing about games since 2006.

After extensive stints at (PC) Gameplay and Official PlayStation Magazine, he currently covers games for De Standaard. Regularly conjuring words to support Belgian gamedev at FLEGA, Flanders DC and VAF, where's he's also a key member of the commission for entertainment and artistic games, he's beyond excited to help celebrate the best Belgian games.

Tom Henderikx & Philip Cremers

Tom en philip 1 UP news

Combined, Tom and Philip have been gaming for over 60 years. For the both of them, it all started with the Nintendo Entertainment System with games like Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda. Tom & Philip are working in the Marketing department at Game Mania, the largest videogame retailer in the Benelux. Tom started working at Game Mania over 2 decades ago and is still going strong, while Philip started his career 15 years ago writing about videogames for various gaming magazines and websites. Currently, Tom has dedicated himself to making sure the passionate gamer finds what he or she is looking for at Game Mania, while Philip is working closely together with videogame publishers to create exiting Marketing strategies. Together, Tom and Philip make video content about videogames on a regular basis that can be checked out on all of the Game Mania channels. Ohw, and they both VERY MUCH love sushi!

Jehanne Rousseau

Jehanne 1 UP news

Born in 1976, Jehanne Rousseau has been impassioned very early about imaginary universes and video games. At 22, she entered this industry as a 2D artist and quickly became a project manager, keeping on developing games on Gameboy, home consoles, PCs and even phones, before creating, with some colleagues, the video games development company « Spiders », in 2008, which she becomes CEO and lead writer. She has created the universes of Faery : Legends of Avalon, Mars : War Logs, The Technomancer, and lately Greedfall.

Heiny Reimes

Heiny 1 UP news

Heiny is freely supporting Indie developers and publishers of Indie games. He helps by spreading Indie game news via Twitter He's also set up a Discord for 'Indies helping Indies' to exchange information so they do not have to reinvent the wheel and so people can comment on the projects of others to help improve the quality.

Ronald Meeus

Ronald 1 UP news

Ronald Meeus is a freelance writer, covering video games and the industry behind them for more than two decades, for publications such as De Morgen, 9lives, Het Laatste Nieuws/HLN, Data News, Trends and Invader. He also writes tech and business stories for many of these publications.

Jedidjah Julia Noomen

Jedidja 1 UP news

After starting her career in film, tv and theatre, Jedidjah moved into games and wrote mobile titles such as Heart's Medicine: Doctor's Oath, Criminal Minds, the mobile game and most recently the fully audio based Alt-Frequencies, for which she also did voice direction.

She also develops, writes and directs (immersive) theatre productions and projects that combine live locations with gameplay elements. In addition, Jedidjah is Curator Public Space and programmer of Games & VR for the Imagine Filmfestival in Amsterdam, a festival specializing in the fantastic genre.

Lisa Pardoen

Lisa 1 UP news

Graduated at HEAJ in Namur where I discovered video games and Illustration, This last tree years I work as host in the cultural center of Charleroi Quai 10 .

I enjoy sharing my love of video games (especially independant ones) with other people, I often host courses to teach young people how to make video games

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