Game Mania Live

Live Interviews & Gaming at 1UP

Gaming, livestreaming and shopping! Those are the three big things you can experience at the Game Mania 1UP Conference booth this weekend!

Game Mania 1
Game Mania 2


We’ll be live on Twitch on Saturday and Sunday with the newest games, cool giveaways and exclusive chats with game developers! As always, you’ll be able to beat your friends at FIFA 20 and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe; our Gameboxxes are open for service!

You can catch their streams here

Game Mania Store


Are you in need of an extra controller or some fresh games? Game Mania's got your back! This year, They’re bringing a mini-store with them. Bet you can’t resist that cute Loot Llama plushie… 😉

Don’t forget to pick up your free poster and make sure to activate the exclusive Game Mania XP event badge on your Game Mania account! Drop by their booth and receive 500 coins plus a cool free badge to add to your collection!

Sounds good? Get your Tickets now!

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