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At the time of writing, the Coronavirus has forced us all into a lockdown here in Belgium. Besides the obvious effects on our national health and social wellbeing, there is also an impact on the Belgian Videogame Industry: Employees are forced to work from home, some people might actually get sick, gaming events around the world got cancelled or postponed...

For this reason, we want to bring everyone together on our 1UP Discord channel where we can share tips, best practices and ways to recover some of your invested time & money.

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Government Support


We'll be adding useful and trustworthy information, gathered from official resources on a daily basis.

Discord members are invited to share crucial knowledge with each other. Drop links to useful websites, share contacts for services that can provide some assistance or let everyone know which tools you are using to work remotely.


There is no doubt this special situation brings along a lot of frustrations and we understand that people need a place to vent or to talk to others in a similar situation.

Feel free to share your concerns with each other or drop a funny meme in the dedicated channels and hopefully relieve some stress.

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