Bga Winners

Belgian Game Awards 2019 Winners

Friday 15 February 2019 - What A Night!

On this evening, the winners for the Belgian Game Awards 2019 were chosen & celebrated. 46 games entered but only 7 winners heard their names called to the stage. Their legacy will live on forever!

But without further ado, here are the final winners:

Flotsam Header Paint01

Most Promising - Flotsam

Flotsam is a survival town-builder, set in a flooded world. You manage a floating village community as it moves around the ocean. You recycle garbage and scrap to construct buildings and collect fish and drinkable water to keep your villagers alive. On your journey you will encounter dangerous sea animals, visitors with unknown intentions and mysterious ruins and wreckages. >> Website

Point Of View

Best Student - Point Of View

Point Of View is a Virtual Reality game in which the player crawls into the skin of a professor's sidekick. Together with the professor you're invited to an adventure on a mysterious island. The player uses tracked controllers and a VR headset to submerge themselves into the virtual world, to climb in caves, to hold on to ziplines or to solve puzzles. >> Website


Best Business - LuGus Studios (Liftoff)

Liftoff is the gateway to the quadcopter racing scene, a platform both for pilots with real-life experience and for gamers who are still unfamiliar with the new sport. Veterans can explore new environments or race one another, while newcomers can hone their flying skills before taking to the field. >> Website


Best Non-Entertainment - Pixel Picasso

Pixel Picasso is an AR memory game for one to a-lot-of-players. Players memorize a digital pattern projected on the floor and rebuild it with colored physical squares that are scattered around. The game checks the pattern with a webcam and gives the player(s) a score. It's a load of fun for the whole family. >> Website

Space Pirate Trainer

Best AR/VR/MR - Space Pirate Trainer

Space Pirate Trainer is the official trainer for wannabe space pirates in VR. Pick up your blasters, put on your sneakers, and dance your way into the Space Pirate Trainer hall of fame. >> Website

Trivia Switch

Best Mobile/Handheld - Trivia Switch

Trivia Switch is an adrenaline fueled mobile game based on the similarly named TV show “Switch”. Create your own avatar and challenge yourself and friends in a fun and fast paced multiplayer quiz game. The game was (soft)launched in Belgium under the name "Switch" with over half a million downloads. >> Website


Best PC/Console - Divinity: Original Sin 2

The Divine is dead. The Void approaches. And the powers lying dormant within you are soon to awaken. The battle for Divinity has begun. Choose wisely and trust sparingly; darkness lurks within every heart. Gather your party and develop relationships with your companions. Blast your opponents in deep, tactical, turn-based combat. Use the environment as a weapon, use height to your advantage, and manipulate the elements themselves to seal your victory. >> Website

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