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Belgian Game Spotlight - Setting Sun

Welcome to a new Belgian Game Spotlight! Last month we were carving through buttery snow in Shredders, but now we're heading east to the land of the rising sun, with a game that's ironically called Setting Sun.

Setting Sun is a roguelite action-RPG, set in a mystical universe during the Japanese edo period. You could go at it like a lone ronin, but the game aims to allow players to co-op their way through the randomly generated levels. It's being made by Belgian solo-dev Yannick Hanegreefs and already looks pretty promising!

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Setting Sun is a rogue-lite, which means that each run will have random elements that make it play different from the previous one. You'll get different buffs, encounter different enemies and the dungeon layout will also be shuffled around.

When you first start the game, the town is pretty abandoned. But along your travels in the dungeon, you will encounter new characters to save and recruit for your town. Each one brings new features to your hub, like purchasing new weapons and abilities.

Setting Sun Town

Each time you move to the next screen in a dungeon, you have a chance at discovering treasure chests that provide you with money, dragon statues to pray at for new buffs or maybe you'll get ambushed by hostile ronin.

If players really want to beat an existing dungeon instead of resetting everything from square one, they have that option too, but they'll lose some of the rewards so being precise and beating a run in one single effort is what you should be aiming to do.

The combat is pretty simple: you can lock on to enemies and use a few different basic attacks or charge up special ones. Even more so than other games, it's important to block and dodge incoming attacks, as items that restore health are hard to come by.

Setting Sun dungeon

Each time you die, you resurrect back in town and you will be able to buy new upgrades for your character which you will need because the dungeon will get progressively harder.

The action uses a top-down perspective, giving you a decent idea of where all enemies are located, but you can always resort to your minimap for valuable information as well. There is even a rotating day/night cycle present and if you prefer to avoid fighting in the dark, you can simply wait for the sun to rise again and light your path.

Setting Sun Dark

If this made you excited for the game, be sure to try the demo yourself on or consider wishlisting the game when it arrives on Steam or backing the Kickstarter Project when it launches. We'll be sure to send out a reminder on socials when it does!

Try the Setting Sun demo on Itch

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Want to keep up-to-date on the game and the studio? Here are a few places you can follow them:

We hope you've enjoyed this feature article and if you're a Belgian game developer yourself, don't be afraid to reach out and maybe we'll spotlight your game next month!

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