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Lego Pattern

Play LEGO Games At 1UP

The evolution of Lego games

Overpelt LEGO Builders Club will be bringing various (retro) consoles and LEGO videogames for you to play. Experience the evolution of the LEGO videogames at 1UP: From the humble beginnings on retro platforms to the latest adventures on current gen consoles.

LEGO Lightsabers

OLBC will also have a special Beat Saber VR experience for you, with modified LEGO lightsaber handles. Players of all sizes and ages welcome, wheelchair users included. Just make sure to bring your rhythm!

Passionate about lego?

Talk to one of the people at the booth and you could perhaps join the club. OLBC has regular meetups where both builders and gamers come together to enjoy the wonderful world of LEGO.

Don't have TICKETS to 1UP yet? CLICK HERE.

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