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Rik Leenknegt

Howest DAE

Rik, aka Masterchief, is very passionate about education. He has been in education for over 25 years ranging from secondary school up to teaching at Masters Level. Being both a gamer and an engineer, he became triggered in 2005 by the challenges to educate professionals for the game industry. This quest resulted in the creation of the Digital Arts & Entertainment curriculum in 2006. Its ambition : to train the best possible Technical Artist profiles for the international entertainment industry. Now, 12 years later, the curriculum counts over 1000 students of which 20% are international students and the DAE curriculum has been elected best Game Design & Development degree worldwide by The Rookies, for two consecutive years. Rik is constantly looking for new strategic innovations within education that are able to support the constantly accelerating technological evolutions in society. Being active in education means that day in day out, you are (re)creating the future.


In a world where technology is evolving at a tremendous pace, the traditional ways of teaching are quickly losing ground. In order to be able to deliver the right profiles to fuel the digital transformation of our society, we need a much more agile view on education. Given the speed at which technology is evolving now every 3y undergraduate curriculum is by definition outdated by the time the students graduate, if nothing happens in between. This insight has been the driving force behind the DAE curriculum since it has been founded in 2006. The curriculum exists for 12 years now and is close to its 5th iteration, both in terms of content as in the ways education is being delivered to the students. It is this vision that enabled us to deliver the top professionals for the international entertainment sector. In this talk we will both be looking back at the history of DAE and take a peek into the possible future of the DAE curriculum. Our goal is to keep playing in the educational Champions League.

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