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Katleen Evers

4EversGames/Genvid Technologies

In the Gaming Industry for more than 15 years, Katleen took a new, fresh start, heading for an innovative journey and exciting challenges in January 2017! 4EversGames was born! 4EversGames’ motivation is to help, assist and advice studios with their games and the digital distribution of their PC content. Chasing investments, scouting games and Evangelism for Third Parties (Genvid Technologies, Nutaku) is also part of 4EversGames’ activity. Creating a unique partnership, heading for prodigious, future adventures, that’s the goal of 4EversGames. “Games and Passion”.

Streaming in Style

What is more trendy than Streaming? Developers have tools at their disposal to massively stream in style! Now is the moment, new tools, new means and new goals. Developers are in the driver’s seat to get more out of their streaming sessions by making the viewers and spectators actively involved into their Streaming sessions. Let’s find out how!

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