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Heidi Kemps

Heidi has been playing, enjoying, researching, and dissecting games for most of her life. Fore decades, she has traveled far and wide, discovering interesting pockets of gaming culture and interviewing many interesting people in the industry. She currently does freelance work for a variety of gaming outlets while managing her personal games writing site, Currently, she working on creating a doujinshi based on the 1988 Taito game "Raimais" to sell in Japan at the Game Legend retrogaming festival.

Kusoge! Why bad games are important (and awesome)

We've all seen -- and probably played -- bad videogames. "Kusoge," a Japanese slang term that literally means "shit game," is a descriptor that fits a lot of notoriously bad games out there. But the truth is, there's a lot that players -- and developers -- can appreciate and learn from in awful video games. Join Heidi Kemps as she takes you on a trip through "kusoge" fan culture in Japan and abroad and delves deep into the fascinating, tragic, and weird world of these legendarily terrible titles.

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