Daniel Dociu

Art Director

About the speaker

Daniel Dociu is an award-winning sci-fi and fantasy artist in the entertainment industry. He is a prolific freelance artist, contributing to numerous publications, advertising, movies and games.

The story of a career

Raised in the capital of Transylvania, in Romania, Daniel studied art and architecture, earning a Masters degree for Industrial Design from the Academy of Fine Arts, in the city of Cluj. He moved to the US in 1990 after spending two years in Athens, Greece, and he has lived in the Seattle area for over 20 years. After working as a toy designer, Dociu jumped ship to interactive entertainment. He has worked for ArenaNet, in a Chief Art Director role for NCsoft, overseeing visual development for all of the publisher's North American projects, with particular focus on the critically acclaimed Guild Wars franchise and then strated overseeing art-related development aspects and disciplines across all Amazon studios.

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